I'm an industrial designer currently living and working in New York City, USA.

You'll find a fraction of my work on display here. Mostly projects I've worked on while being a student and a designer at IDEO both in Palo Alto and New york.

I come from France, I grew up and studied there. I had the chance to work in Italy at the European design center of Whirlpool, in France for Decathlon as an intern in their R&D department and a bit with a Belgian consultancy before moving to California at IDEO.

I've then spent about 3 years living in San Francisco before switching to the other coast to help start IDEO's New york office in April 2007. Since then I have been working on many projects... From designing electronic devices to medical ones, rethinking services and interactions for big companies, or for some very small ones, working on strategic programs and branding projects. You can get a sample of it here.